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Envelope Mini Wallet is the perfect accessory for those who prefer to keep things simple and compact. This wallet is handcrafted with genuine crazy horse leather, which gives it a distinct vintage look that develops a beautiful patina over time. Ideal for individuals who appreciate the beauty of minimal design, this wallet boasts classic lines and a sleek silhouette. Whether you're a city dweller or a frequent traveler, this mini wallet is a practical and stylish option for carrying your essential cards and cash. Upgrade your everyday carry with our Envelope Mini Wallet and experience the luxury of handmade leather goods.

Envelope Mini Wallet

    • As Mimas Design, we design minimal, functional, and timeless products. 
    • All our products are registered under the Mimas Design Brand and all handmade by talented artisans. 
    • Envelope mini wallet, which stands out with its timeless elegance and elegant details, is entirely made with high-quality genuine leather.
    • Our products are completely hand-stitched using traditional leather working techniques. 
    • The metal accessories used in our products are made of stainless brass alloy. 
    • No machines are used in any stage of product manufacturing. It is produced with 100% hand craftsmanship. 
    • Each handmade product is unique, bearing the marks of the material and the craftsman, so there may be slight differences from the visuals in the products. 
    • Artos card holder is made with 'Crazy Horse Leather' which gives it a distinct vintage look that develops a beautiful patina over time, unique to every person that uses. 
    • All our products are sent in gift packaging. 
    • The products other than the cardholder shown in the visuals are for decorative purposes only and are not included in the order.
    • Open W: 10,3 cm, H: 9,5 cm, D:0,4 cm
    • 2 slots
    • Ideal use for 6 cards and some cash
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